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Johnston City High School Class of 1981

Where are they?

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We are looking for these classmates.  If you know how to contact anyone from the list, please forward that information to me by filling out the form below.  Thanks!

Tina Abba
Debra DeGoricia
Randy Harris
Pat McCleland

Terri Ridlen

Cody Banks
Patty Dillingham
Ty Hartness
Becky McKinney

Deon Rogers

Robert Barclay
Aaron Denton
Ronnie Harvel
Tammy McPheron

Denny Rowe

Deanna Bargo
Becky Dobbins
Billy Hatfield
Tim McReynolds

Scott Sanders

Terry Barker
Lisa Dodd
Bobby Hayes
Kevin Miner

Mike Saylor

Tammy Beers
Mike Dunfee
Doug Heidlebaugh
April Mocaby

Tony Shragal

Andrea Benge
Greg Farmer
Robbie Hill
Janet Ogle

Daphney South

Penny Bennett
Patricia Felts
Beth Hodson
Lisa Palovic

Kurt South

Julie Byrd
Brian Fowler
Candy Hoffard
Debbie Payne

Melinda Spiller

Mark Bolte
John Gibson
Melissa Hoffard
Rhonda Pierce

Lori Strunk

Kim Borchelt
Kevin Gordon
Wayne Husch
Donnie Pitchers

Bernie Sutton

Brenda Brake
Terry Graham
Robert Hutchins
Tina Pitchers

John David Tomlinson

Jackie Childers
Bobby Grant
Glen James
Brent Potts

Lori Travelstead Edwards

Frances Cobb
Holli Grant
Richard Jones
Bruce Powell

Melody Turnbow

Paul Cobb
Shelly Grant
Duke Lannom
Joe Pulsford

Renee Watson

Andy Cripps
Becky Grider
Larry Littlepage
Angie Pyle

Todd Wells

Brenda Cruse
Robin Halley
Donald Lyell
Mike Pyle

Joe West

Hiram Dahmer
Lisa Hampsey
Beth Malone
Andy Rametta

Greg Williams

Terry Davie
Tim Hanks
Tammy McVey
Kevin Ranchino

Janice Willmore

Mike Davis
Bill Hanson
Lisa McBride
Michelle Reed

Lori Williams

Lonnie Wright

Paul Wyant

Minta Yotkewich

David Zinzer

Tom Burton

Sherrie Thompson Clendenin

Shelly Gwillim

Donnie Lamb

Lyndell Peebles

Kevin Porritt

Mark Stocks

Janice Thompson

Chris Forcum

Cindy Forcum

Rosemary Kalinsky

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