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Holly Kee - Johnston City High School

Pioneer Research Project

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A Cooperative Project for American History and English III
Instead of the traditional "pencil/paper" test over the westward expansion chapters in the book, you will be required to complete one of the following research assignments. You may choose the assignment that is most appealing to you. I have provided four links to information that will help you get started. Your works cited/references should include at least one book or encyclopedia (NOT an online encyclopedia) reference, and at least one online reference other than those I have provided.

Mrs. Barter will be providing instruction on the research techniques and MLA style preferences. She will include exercises on paraphrasing and avoiding plagiarism. I will be dealing with types of sources and checking credibility of sources. You will receive a grade for this project in both English III and American History.

I will be providing library time during your American History class period. The project will be due at the end of the hour on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving break. Remember, you must provide two copies of your paper, one for me and one for Mrs. Barter.
Pioneer Living Conditions in the Nineteenth-Century Heartland

Topic #2
Willa Cather's Life: An Illustration of the Key Values of the Heartland

Topic #3
Create a character and write a story that details pioneer living conditions from a woman's point of view. You must provide actual details derived from your research.

Below is a link to OWL, the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University.  Here you can access information about the MLA style.

Online Writing Lab

Some places from which to begin:

The American West

Harper's Weekly

History Buff


Thinkquest Project