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Holly Kee - Johnston City High School

The Panama Canal
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The Panama Canal
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Each link below will provide the answers to the three questions listed beneath it.
Read the questions and then SCAN the link to find the answers.
Type your answers into a Microsoft Word file, print them, and turn them in.
Make sure to put your NAME, PERIOD, and DATE on your page BEFORE you print!

History of the Panama Canal

1. What year was the Panama Canal officially completed?

2. How much did the Panama Canal cost Americans to build?

3. How many TOTAL cubic yards of earth were excavated
including the work done by the French?

Imperialism and the Panama Canal

1. Why did President Roosevelt want to build the Canal?

2. How did Roosevelt participate in gaining control of the canal zone?

3. Do you think Roosevelt obtained the Canal zone through unconstitutional means? Explain your answer.

Handing Over the Canal

1. In what year was the Panama Canal returned to the Republic of Panama?

2. For what reason(s) can the U.S. military return to the Panama Canal?

3. Who was the U.S. President when the Canal was returned to Panama?