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Holly Kee - Johnston City High School

Chinese Dynasties
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Chinese Dynasties - A Webquest

China has a rich history dating back to some of the first established civilizations in recorded history.  China has been ruled by many different groups.  In this web quest you will have the opportunity to explore and find out some interesting facts about the Chinese Dynasties.


Your Task

In this adventure you will encounter some of China's greatest leaders and embark on a cybertour of some of China's richest history.  You will be asked to explore 11 of the different dynasties that ruled China.  While you research information on each of the dynasties, you will be asked to compare and contrast two of the dynasties in a Venn diagram, make a timeline, and create a formidable argument about which dynasty you believe was the strongest and the one which you believe was the weakest in China's history.

The Process

Part One – You will write a short summary describing each of the 11 different major dynasties.

Part Two – Last week, I demonstrated a Venn Diagram which compared the Colts and the Bears.  You will need to choose two of the dynasties and compare them using a Venn Diagram.  I will provide paper for this part of the project or you may choose to complete this on the computer.

Part Three – You will choose the dynasty you believe was the strongest and the dynasty you believe was the weakest.  For each of these, each student will write at least three paragraphs supporting the strong/weak argument.

Part Four – You will create a timeline of the 11 dynasties.  This is your chance to be creative!  You may use any means, methods, or materials that you choose to complete this portion of the project.  You should create a chronological timeline of when the dynasties ruled, listing accomplishments, regrets, and other pertinent information.  You should also incorporate visuals with the dynasties such as picutres of the rulers, etc.

You will need to turn in a “works cited” page for this project.  You must make sure to list each and every website you visit on this page.  If you have trouble citing your sources, look at the poster hanging on the east wall of the library or visit 

PLEASE NOTE:  I WILL NOT accept wikipedia as a source.  Also, do not list "" (or any other search engine such as Bing or AskJeeves) as a source.  You must list the website from which you obtained the information.

The Dynasties

Song Dynasty            Ming Dynasty              Qing Dynasty

Yuan Dynasty             Tang Dynasty             Sui Dynasty

Han Dynasty              Chou Dynasty               Ch'in Dynasty

Shang Dynasty          Hsi Dynasty                 

Project Due Date

This project is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, February 14, 2007.  I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY PROJECTS AFTER THIS DATE AND TIME!  If you plan to be absent, turn your project in early or have someone YOU TRUST turn it in for you.  Even if you have an excused absence, your project MUST be turned in on Feb. 14.



The entire project is worth 500 points.  The breakdown of points is:

Part One - 200 points

Part Two - 50 points

Part Three - 50 points

Part Four - 200 points

There will be up to an addtional 50 participation points awarded to each student based on work ethic and effort during the provided class time.  You will have four library days during class to work on this project.


To begin your study of these Chinese Dynasties, start with a google search.  You will receive extra consideration for utilizing sources found within the library's electronic databases.  I would suggest beginning with eLibrary. You might also look at the Library of Congress website.  Also, don't forget that our library has BOOKS!  I'm sure you can find a BOOK that has information about these dynasties or about the rulers.