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Holly Kee - Johnston City High School


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American History
The PANAMA CANAL is still considered one of the greatest constructural achievements of all time. The 50-mile path that links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans was first contemplated as far back as the16th century by Spain. In the 1880's, the French became the pioneers. They worked nearly ten years in Panama and lost over 20,000 lives. The United States took control of the canal in 1904, and Americans became the builders.
The Panama Canal
Assume you were at the opening of the canal. What was it like? Interview the people there. What were the feelings of the workers, doctors, engineers, nurses, and even President Teddy Roosevelt?

In order to get your paycheck (in this case, your grade worth 200 points), you must complete the following:

1. Write a story for TIME MAGAZINE.
Your article should be two pages, typed, double-spaced in 12-point font. You might wish to "interview" the following people:
Pres. Theodore Roosevelt
John Stevens, Chief Engineer (1906)
George Goethals, Chief Engineer (1909)
Dr. Walter Reed
Dr. William Gorgas

2. Create a cover for the magazine on which your story is featured. I will provide you with paper for this if you want to draw it. Otherwise, you may use the computer to create your cover.

3. Create a 15-word crossword puzzle using terms associated with the Panama Canal.


The following links will help you on your quest. Just click on the link to open the site in a new browser window.

General Search Help

Google Search
Metacrawler Search

Panama Canal History

Panama & Canal Zone in Cyberspace
Panama Canal Museum
Canal History 1
Canal History 2
Canal History 3

Create Your Puzzle



Story = 100 points

Your grade will be based on the following:

- Amount of information
- Quality of information
- Paragraph construction
- Mechanics
- Sources
- Internet use

Magazine Cover = 50 points

Your grade will be based on the following:

- Creativity
- Critical Elements
- Neatness

Puzzle = 50 points

Your grade will be based on the following:

- Completeness
- Creativity

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Your completed project is due at the beginning of class of Monday, January 12, 2004. You will have the library during class this week. Be aware that you will need to work on this OUTSIDE OF CLASS or you will not have time to finish.


If you need to save your work, you should purchase a disk from Mrs. Moore. Also, you MAY NOT PRINT pages and pages of websites. You should copy and paste your research information into a Microsoft Word file and then print. You may only print 3 pages of research information. If you need to print more than this, you must get permission. I will take points from your final grade for printing without permission.

Make sure to cite your sources used for all projects on a separate page to be turned in with your project. This page must also be typed.